Spelling with a c or an s (was Re: A College of Magics)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Aug 29 13:32:18 EDT 2003

>I am ashamed to admit that, thanks to the state of the education system
>today* and the fact that I dropped English as soon as possible (16), I
>am not very good with grammar.  More accurately, I think my usage of the
>english language is generally fine, but I'm not very hot on the
>terminology.  Does anyone know of a website which gives good
>explanations of grammatical terms?

I have set an investigation of this as an assignment for my students. I 
don't currently know the answer, but I will be happy to post some results 
to you in a few weeks' time. I want them to find a site which they rate as 
accessible, understandable and helpful.

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