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Wed Aug 27 08:29:46 EDT 2003

Robyn wrote

>For anyone who was curious - I am going to read the passage to my
>stylistics class to illustrate to them why they need to fully understand
>the rules of grammar.

and Gill commented:

>Except, presumably, split infinitives?
><g,d&r v v f>

'S amusing to note that in the 1926 first edition of *Fowler's Modern
English Usage* "Frequent use of split infinitives" is listed in the entry
called "Illiteracies"; in the 1965 revised second edition, the wording has
changed to "Undiscriminating use of split infinitives."

Presumably, either one splits the infinitive carelessly, or one is open to
a charge of discrimination....

<grins like a pike and hides in the pondweed>


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