Magic in the Dark Lord (moderate spoilers)

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|> I agree with whoever it was too who said the gods' implication of the 'all
|> you had to do was ask/say no' idea was weird. That was a bit Wizard of Oz-zy
|> somehow.
|I got it as more like 'You needed to be willing to do the work and make
|the sacrifice instead of following along like little cube-people.'

And of course, the screamingly unsubtle in-your-face moral itself is a
feature of the books she's parodying.  I kinda like the "plot holes are
part of the parody" aspect.  So much of the book read like The Belgariad
(which, full disclosure, I must admit I've read buckets of times) to me,
and that's how silly and unecessary the vast battles are in The
Belgariad.  Also the whole god arrival at the end, also straight from

"The doctors guaranteed the treatment would fry the fairy clean
out of him. But all it did was make him bonkers every time he
heard electric guitar."         -- Velvet Goldmine

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