Magic in the Dark Lord (moderate spoilers)

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Tue Aug 26 13:07:37 EDT 2003

>The other obvious explanation is that there are limitations on what the
>magic users of this world can achieve using illusion - but if so, they
>aren't really explained, I think. Every time something goes wrong with the
>tours, it seems all to easy to have someone come and bodge it. It's true
>that individual magical talents are distributed unequally (Derk is good with
>plants and animals but not with buildings, Blade is good at translocating
>but not much else, etc), but I see no reason why they shouldn't organize and
>pool their resources - it might save everyone in their world a lot of

I think the issue about "ruining" comes not from the type of magic, but 
from the fact that the tourists are physically there. So they are tramping 
all over everything, that's one problem, and other problems come from the 
fact that everything that people do gets set aside for the tours. So even 
if everything magical is pretty much an illusion, there is still a lot of 
disruption from the tours. Plus the magic-users are all tired out from 
tours, and don't have time to do useful things.

I think my opinion on this comes partly from the sequel, where university 
teaching is shown to have deteriorated because it has all been aimed at 
producing tour guides. It doesn't matter what kind of magic this is, just 
the fact that it is really narrow creates a whole bunch of problems.

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