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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 18 20:34:27 EDT 2003

> >Is the payoff worth the work?
>To me, the payoff was the style.  Because I enjoyed reading the book, that
>was a reward in itself.  So if you are "working" through it, I don't know if
>the payoff is worth it or not.  I do think reading longer chunks might
>possibly make it easier to fall into the rhythm of the style (which is
>absolutely a universe away from Vlad Taltos).  At the very least it would
>give you some idea of whether you wanted to bother with it at all...it's not
>like it's an assignment or anything like that.

See, I had the opposite reaction to Melissa.picked up Phoenix Guards, and 
later the Viscount of Adrilanka (or however you spell it) and found them 
completely unreadable. For me, the style was just really hard work, but 
it's not because I can't or don't read anything with a complicated or 
mannered style. I love Jane Austen, and I have been reading Chaucer, 
Heany's Beowulf, The Faerie Queen, Shakespeare and a variety of medieval 
and early modern texts this summer, to prepare for my literature class this 
Fall. I think I found it fake, or uneven or something. It was too obviously 
an exercise in writing in a particular style, rather than something natural.

I love the Vlad Taltos books, and I think the style and tone of them is 
brilliant, so it's not like I think Brust is not a good writer at the 
sentence level. I even enjoyed Freedom and Necessity, which he wrote with 
Emma Bull, and it is kind of fake 19th century style.


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