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In < at localhost>, Robyn Starkey wrote:
>I just read a Charles de Lint short story in his collection "Waifs and 
>Strays" (or similar, just took the book back to the library), in which one 
>character goes to meet another to get back her copy of Witch Week, which 
>she has lent him. Is there other evidence that de Lint is a dwj fan?

That depends on what we mean by "evidence", Professor Joad.  :-) I
understand from conversation with him a few years ago that he is a fan
both of her work, which he said he had read and enjoyed, and of herself,
having met and liked her.

It is as far as I know a mutual admiration.

There must have been other occasions in de Lint's work on which a DWJ
book has been in someone's bookshelves. I can't recall details, but I
can't think of any reason for me to have asked him whether he liked her
work other than his having put it in somewhere; I can't for the life of
me think which particular example triggered my asking the question, but
it can't be the one you mention, because I haven't read that collection
yet.  (I know the one you mean, and I can't remember the title precisely
either...) Because I knew he was a fan, I haven't particularly noticed
her books turning up in his work since the point at which I was told so,
just taken them for granted, which makes it hard to pin-point specific

(Oh good, another excuse for re-readings.  I haven't read any de Lint
for *ages*.)

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