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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Thu Aug 14 11:59:13 EDT 2003

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003 10:29:05 +0100, Charles Butler wrote:

>> Besides, now I feel compelled to refuse utterly ever to play or understand
>> the game. In fact, if I'm ever in London, and I have to take the
>> anywhere, I shall put my finger in my ears, close my eyes, and go
>> "lalalalala" so as not to inadvertently see the names of the stations.
>> then I will fall off the platform and die horribly, and no one will ever
>> know why....
>I remember that on one edition of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue they played the
>American version of Mornington Crescent - it was called 'Madison and 57th',
>or something like that - but then NYC is still probably further from you
>than London is from Irina (I don't have an atlas and ruler handy)....

I'd suggest playing it with the Salt Lake City light rail map, but that's
such a joke, you couldn't play more than two rounds without running out of
stops.  Also 2nd North and West Temple doesn't have the same ring....

(They want to be all modern like the East but aren't willing to throw enough
money at it.  The bus system is losing money due to over-subsidizing its
fares.  I didn't care about this until going to Berlin and being able to
cross the entire city and beyond without once setting foot in a car.)

>But - to irritate you further - why Mornington Crescent? My theory is that
>it's because it is (or was) a station that underground trains often pass
>through without stopping (a rarity on the London tube), so that to 'arrive'
>at it requires a rare degree of ingenuity. For this reason it was something
>of a joke station, long before ISIHAC.

I like that theory--seems to fit the game well.  It reminds me of all the
train stops across this country that were never stopped in, or were just a
place to hand off the mail.  We just drove about 700 miles across Idaho,
surely one of the bleakest inhabited places on the planet, and there are
still little towns like this.  Scary.

(That is, we drove 700 miles, and much of it was across Idaho.  Idaho only
feels like it's 700 miles long.)

Melissa Proffitt

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