Chrestomanci's timelines

Aimee Smith s4028253 at
Mon Aug 11 00:01:49 EDT 2003

Lots of people wrote lots of stuff about this and I won't quote much, but
this is how I have 'supposed' the logic. Please pardon me if I am redundant:
Big things hinge on many little things, so perhaps most little things just
go the same way in every world, but the occasional one  might slip through -
like just the ones that might be truly 50/50 chanced?
Is there such a thing as pure (50/50) chance?
In the Chrestomanci universe chance apparently exists, but to what extent,
if it is not allowed a free hand?
Could the fact that much is the same/similar in every world be an argument
for either fate, or some governing force or principle that keeps the worlds
to some semblance of similarity?
Could this deciding/governing force therefore be magic, as I think Minnow
Or would it be something else that magic works against: because if not for
magic, how much would be the same in each world?
I think I am agreeing with the argument that magic is one of the deciding
factors as to what is different in the various worlds, but I do not think it
is the only thing.
Which brings me back dizzyingly to the wondering about the existence of
chance in the Chrestomanci worlds.
Does chance exist, or is every action a reaction, a result of a previous
action or circumstance?

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