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Sat Aug 9 11:10:43 EDT 2003

Gill Othen wrote:
>>Ah, Robyn - how do you fancy the popular construction; "John thought to
>That's pretty dreadful.

I suppose it might be as distinct from thinking aloud, which people also
do in books.  A great nuisance it is if folk do it more than one at a
time, I imagine, like the babble of thought that drives telepaths mad.
That would also explain "John thought silently", which is otherwise
pretty silly too.

>Ah, I've met worse - and far too frequently. "John thought in his mind"  I
>maintain is the nadir - after all, where else can anyone think?

Perhaps it's to distinguish it from the less polite possibility that he
was, as the phrase has it, thinking with his gonads?

[no offence is intended by the use of this phrase to any male person on
this list...]

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