Classifying Fantasy (was Re: Renaissance heroes)

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Sat Aug 9 06:32:58 EDT 2003

Charles Butler wrote:

an interesting accounts of Attebury's definitions of various sorts of
fantasy, ending

>Confusingly, formula fantasy under Attebury's definition is more or less
>what most people I know call genre fantasy. Sigh... But I still recommend
>the chapter and indeed the book.

The book does sound useful; thanks!  

I know that in the Encyclopedia of Fantasy, Clute and Co settled for
calling it "genre fantasy" because it would have been hurtful and
offensive to its authors had they called it what they did in the drafts:
"rotefant".  If only they'd known Attebury's work, "formula fantasy"
would have been *much* better.  But I suppose that too might have been
deemed offensive.  *sigh* and something like the Encyclopedia might
actually have influenced subsequent usage.  Oh well, opportunities lost.

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