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Gill said...
> >>Caprona, like Chrestomanci's England during his adult life, has cars and
> electric light. On the other hand, both Christopher's childhood and
> have frock-coats and top-hats as formal wear for males paying
> morning-visits. And Covent Garden Market when Christopher is a child has
> carts and carriages but not lorries.
> The Girls' School Story is obviously a Power In The Land in *The Lives of
> Christopher Chant*, and the finishing school in Switzerland is Millie's
> destination at the end of it.<<
> Is it Angela Brazil-tye stuff she admires, do you think? If so, isn't that
> touch later?

IIRC, Angela Brazil is actually mentioned in TLOCC, but I always assumed
that it was the School Story per se that was at issue.

In which case, you're looking at (roughly) anywhere from the late 19th
century to the late 20th century!  The heyday of the genre being (IMO) about
1920 to 1950.  AB, IIRC, was writing mainly in the mid 1910s to the 1930s,
incidentally, so not too off-base as regards the setting described for
Chrestomanci's world.

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