Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Aug 7 09:10:42 EDT 2003

> So can I quote you in an assignment?

You may. If I'm commenting on a book by another author, you may quote what I
say as "my opinion", if I'm commenting on stuff I wrote myself, you may
quote me as "the author says"... (not "claims", please.... sounds so dodgy!)

> I shall think up some proper questions another time, when I have a topic
> write on (self directed study)...
> :)
> (a grateful Aimee)
> PS Does DWJ herself often answer such email interview/questiony things? If
> needed to ask anything besides what all the other interviewers had, that
> :)

I don't know. She might. But it's possible she gets too many approaches. Her
stuff is known t'world over, but mine is usually Australia-only. Thus I
don't get more queries etc than I choose to answer.


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