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Delurking this time because I'm at work, so writing to the list is more

I'm quite confident that in my copy of _Witch Week_ the journal entries
that the students write are all dated, in October and November of (I
think) 1980.  I remember this because it was always slightly discouraging
to think that the book had taken place before I was born, but,
simultaneously, it had only just missed ;-).  When exactly WW takes
place in relationship to _Charmed Life_ is an open question, but
Chrestomanci still speaks of Janet as his "ward" in it, which I suspect he
wouldn't do if it took place sufficiently long after for Janet to be grown
up.  So I always assumed exactly what Paul did.

I think I have these books far too well-memorized.  Creeping
antimacassars!  Creeping antimacassars!


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On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Paul Andinach wrote:

> I've always assumed, based on the our-world references, that _Charmed
> Life_ and _Witch Week_ are set at around the same time they were
> written (mid-to-late 70s and early-to-mid 80s respectively), with the
> others spread out around them as appropriate, and that the
> old-fashioned appearance of the place is due to the differences in
> history - in particular the existance of magic, which would make the
> world appear low-tech when really it's just different-tech.
> (Ouch. Evil run-on sentence.)
> Paul
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