Dating Chrestomanci/Caprona

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue Aug 5 21:00:16 EDT 2003

(snipping every thing else)

I'd always pictured LoCC as happing in a sort of vague
"between the wars" era, with the other books being
vaguely 1950s-60s. No real basis for this, its just
how they felt to me. It is interesting to speculate on
just how parallel a parallel world must be. In a world
in magic exists one would not expect technology to
advance at the same rate, or to be adopted as
universally. Thus to me a car in the chrestomanci
world would not be as advanced as one in ours, nor as
common - and this latter is certainly the case.
Perhaps it is only people with magical abilities who
have analogues in multiple worlds, or alternatively
with a infinite (which is not neccessarily the case in
DWJ) number of worlds there as still going to be a
smaller, but still infinite number of those in which
any given individual exists, and magic simply gives
one the ability to draw upon those others. I seem to
recall something about Christopher Chant's lives along
these lines, that he had nine lives because he had no
analogues or something.


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