Children and Freedom

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Tue Aug 5 15:18:32 EDT 2003

JOdel wrote in reply to I know not whom any more, who'd said:
><< Speaking as someone who deals with children every day and who's been doing 
>so for a quarter of a century (Ghodd!! I think I'll leave that thought alone) 
>I have to say that there is imho a definite trend in western society to limit 
>children's freedom, and to organise their lives for them.  >>
>Which is right on schedule with Strauss & Howe's theories on cyclic history. 
>Each of the four "Turnings" of a cycle has a distinct attitude with the proper 
>way to treat children, and how children are supposed to behave.
>Jones grew up in a *very* atypical household during a Fourth Turning (much 
>more in keeping with a Third Turning), most of her books were published over 
>Second and Third turnings. We seem to be diving back into a Fourth Turning now. 

Fascinating.  Are you able to give a *very* brief resume of what the
indicators are for any given "Turning", or do we have to go and read the
whole text of Strauss & Howe's theories?  Because I'd wonder rather
about the Third Turning, if the household DWJ grew up in was in keeping
with it (or any other civilised child-rearing pattern, or come to that
any reasonable primative one...).

At what point in the centuries do these Turnings start? To which
couhtry[ies] do they apply? What is their general duration?  Are they
regular, or of an arbitrary duration?  Does some major factor such as
WWII, which affects the whole population drastically, alter them
entirely? Do they always follow 1,2,3,4, or may they randomise if other
factors such as WWII intervene?

I am trying really quite hard to work out how the present attitudes to
children and those in the 1930s-50s match each other, and having a
certain amount of difficulty, you see.

Does this Turning business allow for differences between social strata,
or is it a universal thing?

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