Children and Freedom

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Tue Aug 5 14:32:17 EDT 2003

<< Speaking as someone who deals with children every day and who's been doing 
so for a quarter of a century (Ghodd!! I think I'll leave that thought alone) 
I have to say that there is imho a definite trend in western society to limit 
children's freedom, and to organise their lives for them.  >>

Which is right on schedule with Strauss & Howe's theories on cyclic history. 
Each of the four "Turnings" of a cycle has a distinct attitude with the proper 
way to treat children, and how children are supposed to behave.

Jones grew up in a *very* atypical household during a Fourth Turning (much 
more in keeping with a Third Turning), most of her books were published over 
Second and Third turnings. We seem to be diving back into a Fourth Turning now. 
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