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On Sun, 3 Aug 2003, Caroline Mills wrote:

|I've played a version of this called Mao.  Some other rules I remember:

Hey!  Point of Order! One of the rules of Mao is that *you can never
tell anyone the rules*!  You lose.

|I also have a feeling that the winner doesn't have to explain the new rule, they
|just hand out penalty cards until people figure it out.

Exactly.  Once in high school we had to stop playing because the new kid
didn't get it and ended up with all the cards.  Nobody will play it with
me, because it's so annoying.  *Sigh*. I miss mao.

Also I adore 3 Card Mongol, in which two people (or more) sit with cards
making it up as they go along ("no playing fours on my sundance jack
when the angry two is showing") and saying to their friends "just watch,
it's the easiest way to pick up the rules".  It's great fun!

Does anyone remember the card game at the end of Bellairs' _House with
the Clock in its Walls_ that they use to find the armageddon clock?

Never postpone committing violence you are inclined to commit at
once. Later on, you might not be as pissed off.
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