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Lizzie replied to Laurie:
>>  Part of a whole "appearances
>> are deceiving"theme, which includes Christopher's vagueness and Milly
>> being plain yet at the same time the physical representation of a goddess,
>> maybe? 


>I also loved that Milly was the living incarnation of the glorious 
>Asheth, and looked totally undivine. . ..

The description of her when Christopher met her was that she had a round
ordinary face and a lot of long mousey hair, wasn't it?  The rest was
all illusion and masks and clothes, as I understood it, and having the
right birthmark on one's foot.

I thought she stopped being the Living Asheth when she escaped at the
end of the Nine Lives, anyhow...  Gabriel tells her that she's been
silly to use Asheth's life to move her to his world, when she's a
powerful enchantress in her own right, and wasn't the reason she had to
leave that she was too old to go on being the goddess-on-earth and she
thought she had to escape or be made a human sacrifice or something so
that her replacement could be brought on? Mother Proudfoot would have
got her out of it but she didn't know that.

And yes, I find that scene unforgettable more for Throgmorten's revenge
on Uncle Ralph than for anything else, but other bits of it stick, at
the edges.

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