Julia and Roger

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  It's been a while since I read CL, but
> isn't Gwendolyn at least described as being very pretty?  I don't know if
> this would count as a spoiler or not, but 
> both Cat and Gwendolyn aren't
> what they seem, not physically but otherwise, and doesn't Roger at one
> point say that he and Julia are "comfortable" looking? You coudl interpret
> that as them being comfortable, satisfied, at peace with who they truly
> are, which neither Cat nor Gwendolyn are.  Part of a whole "appearances
> are deceiving"theme, which includes Christopher's vagueness and Milly
> being plain yet at the same time the physical representation of a goddess,
> maybe? 

Yeah--I always loved the bit where Julia complacently tells Gwendolen that it 
must be a bother to look like Gwendolen does--like a china doll, I believe it 
was.  I also loved that Milly was the living incarnation of the glorious 
Asheth, and looked totally undivine. . ..

Of course, Julia and Roger seemed to be rather powerful (given their parents 
x_x), and maybe looking comfortable is easier when you've got power to back it 

lizzie, who always liked Julia, too. . ..

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