extremely belated Super Summer Annual Intros!

Caroline Mills carrie at pitofdespair.org
Sun Aug 3 22:46:26 EDT 2003

I've played a version of this called Mao.  Some other rules I remember:

- 5 card penalty for "lying, cheating and ungentlmanly conduct"

- Point of Order:
No speaking outside a point of order.  In order to call a PofO say "point of 
order".  In order to end, say "end point of order". Players are not allowed to 
touch their cards or say "point of order" in a point of order.

- Sevens
When playing any 7, player must say "have a nice day".  If the next player also 
plays a 7, they say "have a very nice day" and so on.  The first player to play a 
non-seven must pick up a penalty card for each of the sevens played.

One card penalties for:
- Saying Mao (we said 'last card' when you had one card left)
- Explaining the rules
- Breaking the above rules about PofO's and 7's.

I also have a feeling that the winner doesn't have to explain the new rule, they 
just hand out penalty cards until people figure it out.

An excellent game.


On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 01:02:17AM -0400, Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) wrote:
> You never played Bartok??  You missed out!  It is a good game.
> You missed several vital rules:
> 1.  All players start with 7 cards.
> 2.  The first player to put down a card who is sitting next to the dealer determines the direction of play
> 3.  Cards are played in Uno fashion (play suit on suit, number on number.)
> 4.  If you have one card left you must say "Bartok!"
> 5.  The first player to dispose of all cards is the winner.
> 6.  The winner gets to make up a new rule (this would be why you never understood the rules, Paul :)
> 7.  If you make a mistake you get a card.
> 8.  If you are too slow to play you get a card.
> 9.  If you forget to say Bartok you get five cards.
> At the end of a midnight to dawn session there are an awful lot of rules!!
> And I remember the unspecting person scenario well...
> A person would walk up and say "What are you playing?"
> They asked a question so they got a card.  Then they would get five more cards for not saying Bartok.  They they would ask why they were getting given cards and get another card.  By that stage play would be at them and they would get a card for wasting time.  Having no idea of the rules any card they put down was bound to be a mistake....
> Yes, it was certainly best not to ask.....
> Kylie
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> 	On Fri, 1 Aug 2003, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> 	> My game of choice back in high school was Fizzbin.  But you need a
> 	> deck of cards and a lot of clueless patsys to really make that one
> 	> work.  (And that *is* a game where you want the onlookers
> 	> completely stumped.)
> 	And, preferably, unfamiliar with Star Trek, yesno?
> 	When I was at university, the were dread rumours of a card game called
> 	Bartok - I never actually saw anyone playing it, and I have no idea if
> 	it really existed. The game had rules, but it was forbidden to explain
> 	them while a game was in session - especially the rules governing how
> 	the rules changed during play. Three rules I did manage to pick up:
> 	  1. The winner is the first person to dispose of all his cards.
> 	  2. If you break a rule (ignorance no excuse), you get handed a card.
> 	  3. If you ask a question (about the rules, or anything else),
> 	     you get handed a card.
> 	Newbies were solemnly taken aside and warned that, on encountering
> 	people playing cards in certain places on-campus, they should never,
> 	under any circumstances, utter the words "What are you playing?"
> 	Paul
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