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Sun Aug 3 09:13:23 EDT 2003

Ven wrote:
>Elizabeth wrote

>It seems to me that Jones's common
>theme of children left to their own devices is 
>even more applicable to
>today's children than it was when the books were 
>originally published.>
>I'm surprised you should say that. Here in the UK
>its common to regard the age of freerange
>children as long gone. Todays kids, goes the
>reasoning, are driven everywhere in their parents
>cars to prearranged activities, or spend their
>time in their bedrooms with the wonders of modern
>technology. They don't roam around the streets,
>shops  and parks like, say, I did when I was
>growing up, because of parental fears about
>abduction (overhyped) and traffic (perhaps

Wouldn't that lack of freedom and constant nannying
make any child of spirit feel more attracted to an
adult-free fussless story, rather than less so?

Wish-fulfilment would be the reason for the
popularity, in that case.  Was that what you were
getting at, maybe, Elizabeth?

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