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Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Sun Aug 3 01:17:13 EDT 2003

On Sunday 03 August 2003 07:02, Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) wrote:
> You never played Bartok??  You missed out!  It is a good game.
> You missed several vital rules:
> 1.  All players start with 7 cards.
> 2.  The first player to put down a card who is sitting next to the
> dealer determines the direction of play 
> 3.  Cards are played in Uno fashion (play suit on suit, number on
> number.) 
> 4.  If you have one card left you must say "Bartok!"
> 5.  The first player to dispose of all cards is the winner.
> 6.  The winner gets to make up a new rule (this would be why you
> never understood the rules, Paul :)
> 7.  If you make a mistake you get  a card.
> 8.  If you are too slow to play you get a card.
> 9.  If you forget to say Bartok you get five cards.

Ooh, I must teach that to the kids! We play something that has rules 3, 
4 and 5 and a few additional ones, probably the Dutch variant of Uno, 
and they'll love this version.


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