extremely belated Super Summer Annual Intros!

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 2 19:57:59 EDT 2003

I said
>>>Mornington Crescent?  Bah! Its just like
>>>Grittling and you are all a bunch of Hildys!
>and Melissa added
>>Amen!  And more Bah!

Minnow said
>Since it is quite literally a game *anyone* can 
play (if they can read and
>write, or speak, which anybody on this list 
surely can?) I don't think one
>can really equate Mornington Crescent with the 
esoteric and exclusionist

<Anyone who, um, lives in the UK and has access
a London tube map.  Or who
recognizes what those names are and is willing to

go off and find said map
online.  And grittling is not intrinsically 
exclusionist; Hildy was the one
who made it so.  So yes, I think the comparison 
is apt--if a little tongue
in cheek.  Stop taking things so seriously.>

Actually what has stopped me feeling excluded is
that several people on this list have admitted
the truth -- there are no rules! Thank you Roger
and others! But my confusion didn't in fact
relate to anything saiid on this list but to my
blasted role playing group. They have been
winding me up about it for years! Every time I
thougth I understood the rulelessness they would
laugh knowingly, and if I ventured to suggest,
say, Dalston Kingsland, would shake their heads
pityingly and suggest that I had got it wrong
again. Very grittling of them. Sorry for
grouching. Now what shall I do to those
roleplayers next time I'm DM. (Suspecting they
were paying me back for what I've done previously
as DM).


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