DWJones mystery book

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 2 19:38:53 EDT 2003

Elizabeth wrote

> <I'm new to the DWJ list.  I'm just starting my

> masters program in English
> and want to do my thesis on DWJ.>

and I asked, rather spikily,
> I find myself curious as to why you should wish
> to do so.

 and Elizabeth replied

<It's a good question to ask and the subject of 
the paper I'm doing for
the children's lit class I'm in now.  I feel 
DWJ's writing is unique,
creative and full of depth.  In short, I think 
her work is going to stand
the test of time.  I'm at an American university 
and the professors here
are not very familiar with her writing.  So, if 
possible, I'd like to
write about it in depth and contribute to the 
study of her work.>

Which is a good set of reasons --  which you
don't need me to tell you! Welcome to the list.


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