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Quoting Robyn Starkey <rohina at>:
 How did the elegant
> >Chrestomanci manage to have such inelgant children as Cat's cousins Julia
> >and Roger?
> That always bugged me, too. I thought it might be explained by LoCC - 
> Christopher and Millie weren't all that elegant themselves as children, but
> they did seem to be a lot more interesting than Julia and Roger. Perhaps 
> part of this is that we see J and R from the point of view of the other 
> children, who are disposed not to like them. They are smart, and not 
> lacking in gumption, so perhaps elegance comes later.
> Robyn 

I just thought it was because Milly was never elegant--even when she wore 
gorgeous clothes as an adult, she was still plain, right?  I think a lot of 
Christopher's elegance started as self-defense (ie the vague look) and became a 
side effect of his profession--but Julia and Roger seemed like they were being 
given the childhood that Christopher didn't really have at Chrestomanci 
Castle.  I think that the comfortability of their life was a sign of how well 
Christopher and Milly managed as Chrestomanci and civil servants. . ..


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