The side effects of being a DWJ fan. . ..

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sat Aug 2 12:33:32 EDT 2003

>Is the fire daemons cousin called "Mailer"? ODWJM - How did the elegant
>Chrestomanci manage to have such inelgant children as Cat's cousins Julia
>and Roger?

That always bugged me, too. I thought it might be explained by LoCC - 
Christopher and Millie weren't all that elegant themselves as children, but 
they did seem to be a lot more interesting than Julia and Roger. Perhaps 
part of this is that we see J and R from the point of view of the other 
children, who are disposed not to like them. They are smart, and not 
lacking in gumption, so perhaps elegance comes later.

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