weird question about DWJ fans, LJ, and slashers

Chris R sfa_ok2001 at
Sat Aug 2 08:10:12 EDT 2003

Deborah wrote:
> Probably not of interest to people who are neither bloggers nor curious
> about slash.
> So I've just been looking through dianawynnejones's friends list on
> livejournal, seeing who I recognise from here.  *waves*  But I'm curious
> -- why are so many of us who are DWJ fans on livejournal also slashers
> or slash fans?  Is it just because livejournal has become a slash haven,
> or is there something more specific about DWJ?  Because honestly, I have
> no desire to slash DWJ, or write fanfic about her at all.  But does an
> interest in DWJ correlate with the desire to play around with text and
> canon which for me is one of the key factors of slash?  (The other key
> factor is the desire to think about pretty boys, and I can't really
> associate DWJ with that, my crush on Howl notwithstanding.)

Thinking about it, one of the things I like about DWJ is her subversion, or
at least questioning, of society's norms and attitudes - which is also a key
factor of slash. Either that, or I just like Good Things, such as DWJ's
writing and pretty boys fooling around...

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