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Robyn wrote:

> Interesting. I've seen authors like Dorothy Dunnett described as
> speculative fiction; her historical research is generally described as
> good, and it isn't alternate histories in the sense of "Henry VIII's elder
> brother Arthur didn't die young, so what happens next?" I think there
> starts to be some significant grey area between historical fiction and
> alternate histories. Where does one draw the line?

This isn't really an attempt to answer the question, but what comes to mind
for me are some of Guy Gavriel Kay's books as an example of what could even
perhaps be called 'speculative alternate history'. Some of these contain
overt (though perhaps very subtle) magical or fantasy elements, like the two
books in the Sarantine Mosaic, but some don't at all, like _The Lions of
Al-Rassan_. Even those without any obvious fantasy could justifiably be
called speculative fiction, I think.


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