weird question about DWJ fans, LJ, and slashers

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Sat Aug 2 06:10:17 EDT 2003

Are there really so many? I hadn't noticed.

Personally, I'm a blogger and a part-time slasher (meaning I write anything 
and sometimes slash is it), but while I can think of several DWJ slash 
pairings that might work, I couldn't write them for the life of me. I can't 
even write *non*-slash DWJ fic. She's too good.

But I think you might be onto something when you say it has something to do 
with "the desire to play around with text and canon". That's what DWJ does 
in most of her books after all - think of "The Dark Lord of Derkholm". 
Perhaps DWJ fans are more likely to go, "So, if this story was taken in 
*that* direction instead of the current one, what would happen?" For some, 
that question might lead into slash, for others, it might lead to something 
entirely different.


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>Subject: weird question about DWJ fans, LJ, and slashers
>Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 02:34:47 -0400 (EDT)
>Probably not of interest to people who are neither bloggers nor curious
>about slash.
>So I've just been looking through dianawynnejones's friends list on
>livejournal, seeing who I recognise from here.  *waves*  But I'm curious
>-- why are so many of us who are DWJ fans on livejournal also slashers
>or slash fans?  Is it just because livejournal has become a slash haven,
>or is there something more specific about DWJ?  Because honestly, I have
>no desire to slash DWJ, or write fanfic about her at all.  But does an
>interest in DWJ correlate with the desire to play around with text and
>canon which for me is one of the key factors of slash?  (The other key
>factor is the desire to think about pretty boys, and I can't really
>associate DWJ with that, my crush on Howl notwithstanding.)
>Late night / early morning meanderings in the blogosphere,

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