weird question about DWJ fans, LJ, and slashers

deborah deborah at
Sat Aug 2 02:34:47 EDT 2003

Probably not of interest to people who are neither bloggers nor curious
about slash.

So I've just been looking through dianawynnejones's friends list on
livejournal, seeing who I recognise from here.  *waves*  But I'm curious
-- why are so many of us who are DWJ fans on livejournal also slashers
or slash fans?  Is it just because livejournal has become a slash haven,
or is there something more specific about DWJ?  Because honestly, I have
no desire to slash DWJ, or write fanfic about her at all.  But does an
interest in DWJ correlate with the desire to play around with text and
canon which for me is one of the key factors of slash?  (The other key
factor is the desire to think about pretty boys, and I can't really
associate DWJ with that, my crush on Howl notwithstanding.)

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