The side effects of being a DWJ fan. . ..

Aimee Smith s4028253 at
Sat Aug 2 01:13:54 EDT 2003

Measuring people you see, know or pass by, against the cast list of DWJ
novels: "I wonder if they could play..."
Randomly quoting things throughout your academic and social life that nobody
apart from readers of DWJ would get...
Whenever I see geese or ducks I stop and think of one lot dusting hands and
the other lot waddling back from Babylon. And giggle.
I can't see a griffin without remembering Derk and YOTG, can't look at a
cello without thinking Tom, or of a funeral without thinking of F&H. The
list goes on...

On the first note, did anyone see the BBC production of Our Mutual Friend?
the guy who played Eugene Rayburn could be whassisname who escorted the
young Christopher Chant on the smuggling missions, and John Rokesmith's
actor could play someone too... the striking thing is that his eyes look
like illustrations of people's eyes in DWJ books... especially Howl or the
two kids in Stealer of souls. Otherwise he is the spitting image of (mind
blank: main guy in DS).
Is this evidence of side effects? Oh yes.

DWJ-itis. Prescription: incurable. Treatment: One DWJ at least, bimonthly at
least, balanced by other books. Increased exposure to DWJ = increased
infection.  Side effect of this: not caring.

And this holidays I had much exposure:
I read:
Black Maria (loved it)
Mixed Magics (nyah)
Witch Week (didn't really really like it, apart from the description of
Lives of Christopher Chant (loved it)
Castle in the Air (loved it)
Stealer of Souls (okay)
Time of the Ghost (loved it)

The Subtle Knife (WOW!)
the start of Abarat (no chance to finish)
The Keeping Place by Isobelle Carmody (again)

And books for uni, including approx. four novels.
I think I have done well!


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