The side effects of being a DWJ fan. . ..

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Sat Aug 2 00:40:19 EDT 2003

On Fri, 1 Aug 2003 meparks at wrote:
|Whenever I open a little cup of yogurt or pudding, I half expect the aluminim-y
|lid to curl into a little spoon for me.
... and several more.
|any other side effects?

I believe in kamikaze sex that can disturb delicate vibrations.

When I make bets with the universe ("all I want is for my bus to come on
time, really") I remember how Gair and Charles flub talking to the
universe with vagueness ("Shoes!") and be more careful ("I don't really
care if the bus comes on time -- and maybe then gets stuck in traffic --
as long as I'm not late for the party.   (Yes, I know that's silly.  But
it's true.)

I'm always respectful to inanimate objects, in case they turn out to be
fire demons.  And most computers are, I think.  (Or fire daemons.  Erp,
sorry, techie joke.)

Is that migraine aura, or did that picture of a bonfire in the hemlock
change while I was looking at it?

Sometimes I tell things to the bees.

I wish my belongings would yell "I belong to Freak House!" when someone
grabbed them without me looking.

Glory be to God for dappled things 	-- G. M. Hopkins

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