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Elizabeth said...
> I'm new to the DWJ list.  I'm just starting my masters program in English
> and want to do my thesis on DWJ.  I'm hoping this is a good forum for
> asking questions and getting insight.  I've got a short paper on DWJ due
> next week that I'm working on.  If you've got some answers to these
> questions, please let me know.

Welcome to the nut-house.  I don't know that you'll find any insight here,
but you'll find a bunch of people babbling randomly about whatever comes
into our heads, some of which has sometimes to do with DWJ.
> 1.  I seem to remember reading a DWJ book about a boy who is at some kind
> of a conference with his dad

<rest snipped for brevity's sake>

I'm lost on this; either it's not DWJ, or it's one of the few (some of the
younger kids' stuff and the latest) I haven't read.

> 2.  Do you know what Diana means when she refers to her work as
> speculative fiction?

I don't know what DWJ means.  In general, Speculative Fiction, or spec-fic
as we lovingly call it, is a catch-all term for Science Fiction, Fantasy,
Horror, and all related and subsidiary genres (Urban Fantasy, Space Opera,
Alternate History, Magical Realism, Romantic Horror, etc. etc.).
> 3.  How does that differ from traditional fantasy?

Traditional Fantasy, however you may be defining it, can be considered a
sub-genre or component genre of Speculative Fiction.


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