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Fri Aug 1 15:57:59 EDT 2003

> Does anyone know about the whys and wherefores of the new editions of
> DWJ's books?  I've heard they are being redone because the publishers are
> trying to ride on Harry's coattails.  It seems to me that Jones's common
> theme of children left to their own devices is even more applicable to
> today's children than it was when the books were originally published.

I noticed that when the latest severe price increase was instituted in
children's books, a number of 'classic' children's books such as the
Edward Eager magic books, Robin McKinley's books, etc. had been
re-released. My suspicion is that children who read are part of a backlash
against the depressingly serious materials such as Brock Cole's _The
Goats_, etc. With the resurgence of interest in fantasy in general and the
increasing number of fantasy and magic-related TV shows, it's not
surprising that children's fantasy is something publishers are

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