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Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Apr 30 21:23:24 EDT 2003


> One thing I have been wondering vaguely for the

past couple of days is
> whether the name Melvin Burgess stuck slightly 
in DWJ's head and caused
> to name a character Mervin Thurless.  This 
seems likely to be one of those
> things We Shall Never Know, though.

<It does sound a bit of a coincidence, doesn't
It couldn't have been as a
result of their head-to-head on the radio though,

as that came later than
DS. On the other hand, MB used to live in 
Bristol, so maybe their paths had
crossed at some earlier point. Not that the 
hysterical Mr Thurless is much
like him in character.>

I can't see Dwj basing an unpleasant character on
a rewl person and then giving them a parody of
their real name, apart form anything else
wouldn't that fall foul of libel laws. It strikes
me that it could have come about via a bit of
word play --  turning  the solid sounding and
pretty cool name, Melvin Burgess, into the dodgy
and uncool sounding Melvin Thurless, then writng
the character to match the name.   


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