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Wed Apr 30 18:43:31 EDT 2003

Elise wrote:

>A book about Zinka - I am thinking that might be an 'adult' book....

About eleven years ago I very nearly got her to illustrate a story called
"Parsnip and the Whale", but we never got round to actually finishing it.

>It's fascinating to hear that she is one of dwj's real characters. I always
>wonder who is. I thought Thurless might be one. I know nothing of this
>Burgess fellow so I depend upon others to say whether there is any likeness
>beyond a certain resonance of name.  Meanwhile, I agree with Anna, I'd like
>to at least see one of those winged saucy pictures.  Surely they are on the
>web somewhere?  But I can see the point of anonymity protection, as well.

Oh!  Do you know, that reason for wanting her name simply hadn't occurred
to me; I just don't give names or quote what people have said without
asking the person if it's ok, unless it has been said in print or an open
forum such as this one.  Having tried to say everything I felt was
important about her as briefly as I could (when I like someone I can go on
for hours about how great they are, so I was trying to be restrained!) I
was very surprised that the name seemed to matter to anyone.  After Anna's
rebuke about being "exclusionary", which I hadn't at all intended to be
(and I thought I'd been about as up-front as could be, verging on the Too
Much Information), I've been trying to ring her for hours now to see how
she feels about being named-and-shamed on the *shock horror gasp* internet,
but first of all she was out for hours and now her phone is engaged and has
been for more than an hour.  All very frustrating.

It has now got too late to ring anyone who works in the morning and still
pretend to any vistage of civilisation, so I'll have to try again tomorrow,
but I may not get through until the evening.


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