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Wed Apr 30 18:43:26 EDT 2003

Anna wrote:

>        People here may know this already, but just in case, I thought I'd
>spread the glad news that the Girls Gone By Publishers (a *very*
>small-scale but wonderful outfit devoted to re-publishing classic "girl's
>books" and modern associated books, for whom I've done a bit of volunteer
>proofreading in my time) (they are always in need of volunteer
>proofreaders if anyone wants to offer) are re-printing Antonia Forest's
>books. Antonia Forest has even written a new forward for these editions
>which cost 10 pounds each. Nicely bound trade paperbacks complete with
>publishing history & illustrations. They haven't done RMF yet, but
>Falconer's Lure has already been done & Run Away Home is in the works. I
>understand the intention is to republish all the books, so RMF is
>hopefully only a matter of time....

Hurrah!  Hurrah!  Hurrah!  Thank you for telling us this!  Mind, I shall
now spit a few tintacks about "why didn't I find this out before I
*finally* after eighteen years managed to run *Falconer's Lure* to earth at
a rather steep price?", but at least I can now hope to replace the rather
shoddy late-eighties Puffin copies of the ones set at Kingscote School, all
of which have started to disintegrate after far too few readings, unlike
the Faber Fanfares still going strong since they came out all those years
ago in the seventies.

Are they going to do *The Player's Boy* and *The Players and the Rebels*
too?  I can't get access to things that say "click here" in websites,
because I don't do web, I fetch text-only via a mailbot, so I can't see the
titles they are planning.


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