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Wed Apr 30 14:44:49 EDT 2003

Anna wrote:

>	Is that the way it works? That people have magical potential and
>it only fully expresses itself in Ayewards' pro-magical inertia and is
>hidden by Naywards' anti-magic inertia? That certainly makes sense to

Me too, especially as it provides me with my excuse about why I never was 
able to levitate objects, fly or influence the weather.  ;)

>I don't even know how one pronounces
>"Magid".  Is the g hard or soft? The a short or long? Where is the
>emphasis? "Mah-gid"? "Mah-jid"?  "May-gid"? "May-jid"? (that last one
>strikes me as distinctly rum!) Or something truly wild & unforseeable?
>Like "Fanshaw" :-)

I was going to say I tend toward Mah-jid, but I'm very taken, even swept 
away, by "Fanshaw."

A book about Zinka - I am thinking that might be an 'adult' book....

It's fascinating to hear that she is one of dwj's real characters. I always 
wonder who is. I thought Thurless might be one. I know nothing of this 
Burgess fellow so I depend upon others to say whether there is any likeness 
beyond a certain resonance of name.  Meanwhile, I agree with Anna, I'd like 
to at least see one of those winged saucy pictures.  Surely they are on the 
web somewhere?  But I can see the point of anonymity protection, as well.

I read the passage almost at the end where Simon gives Rupert the news of 
their marriage - highly ambiguous, I thought it.  Part of the fun of the 
epistolary form to have moments of unreliable narrator.


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