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JOdel at aol.com JOdel at aol.com
Wed Apr 30 13:08:23 EDT 2003

If anyone here is actively interested in Harry Potter fandom I just uploaded 
a collection of essays to the Red Hen site. By this time I have been reading 
the books for five years and involved in the online community for about 
three, and have developed *oppinions*.

(One of Rowling's biggest draws is the accesibility of her work. She gives 
her fans just enough detail to keep them debating the ins and outs for 
*years*. As transparant as Agatha Christie -- and about as twisty, too.)

It's a collection of non-fiction essays (28 articles of various lengths) on 
my interpretations toward a workable (I hope) background for the Potterverse, 
which includes content from several of the postings that I have sent to 
various lists, amplified and tine-tuned in reaction to the discussions. 


The essays are in the "Comentary/At Tome" area. Fics are in the 
"Publications" area. It is a personal hobby site, not an actual business. 
There are some fanfics posted there by authors' permission as well  but it is 
not primarily a fiction site. 

IE and Netscape have no trouble with it. AOL for Aqua is, as usual, 
pretending that it isn't there. At least for me. It will eventually deign to 
show the link, but I do not know how long it will take to capitulate and do 
so. Older versions of AOL usually have no problem.
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