Antonia Forest

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Wed Apr 30 12:59:28 EDT 2003

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Robyn Starkey wrote:

> I agree that it is an excellent book. Sadly, it is out of print and very
> rare. Forest has a cult readership, and copies are highly coveted. I think
> among its excellences are the family's reaction to the new in-laws,
> particularly around the riding-crop incident. A lot of books make the
> assumption that it is right and proper to hate your step relations, or
> relations by marriage. RMF does a good job of showing the "get along for
> the sake of everyone's peace" attitude. We had some fairly heated arguments
> about Peter and Edwin.

	People here may know this already, but just in case, I thought I'd
spread the glad news that the Girls Gone By Publishers (a *very*
small-scale but wonderful outfit devoted to re-publishing classic "girl's
books" and modern associated books, for whom I've done a bit of volunteer
proofreading in my time) (they are always in need of volunteer
proofreaders if anyone wants to offer) are re-printing Antonia Forest's
books. Antonia Forest has even written a new forward for these editions
which cost 10 pounds each. Nicely bound trade paperbacks complete with
publishing history & illustrations. They haven't done RMF yet, but
Falconer's Lure has already been done & Run Away Home is in the works. I
understand the intention is to republish all the books, so RMF is
hopefully only a matter of time....


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