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Anna Z Skarzynska theania at
Wed Apr 30 07:57:39 EDT 2003

> I am at a disadvantage in discussing Zinka because like much of British SF
> fandom and a fair few of US SF fandom I know her, have done for (counts on
> fingers) fifteen years, in fact longer than DWJ has -- hell, I even wrote
> *song* to her once! -- and I get the gigglies about fitting the person I
> know and DWJ used in a book to a serious lit'ry discussion.  I keep seeing
> how she'd react.
> I'll tell you for free, if this lady wanted whole grains in the middle of
> the night, the chef would go out and harvest them for her.
> :-)
> Minnow

This is not enough information. First you tell us you know Zinka, then just
drop a few tantalizing hints. Please tell us more! Does the real life Zinka
know of her alter ego? Spill the beans, do not tease! We demand to be told.


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