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Wed Apr 30 07:09:57 EDT 2003

Ania wrote:

>I have not read the book, but from what was being said, it reflects the
>realities of the youth of today. Why should the target audience be protected
>from their own reality- they are well aware of it already, both boys and
>girls (with the possible exception of the very sheltered, who will one day
>get a very nasty shock when reality intrudes)

Or may stay virgin and happy that way until they marry another virgin when
they are thirty, of course: I know a couple like that.  (Still married
after ten years, too, before anyone asks.)


But I agree that this couple are statistically improbable, if we believe
the statistics and fail to remember that everyone lies about sex,
especially in survey answers, according to all the surveys on the subject.

And I agree that protecting people from what they already know is futile.
That's where I came in, in fact.

One thing I have been wondering vaguely for the past couple of days is
whether the name Melvin Burgess stuck slightly in DWJ's head and caused her
to name a character Mervin Thurless.  This seems likely to be one of those
things We Shall Never Know, though.


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