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Wed Apr 30 07:09:50 EDT 2003

Christian chided, or possibly chid, me, very properly:

>>Either way, I don't think it's something particularly upsetting to the
>>reader of whatever age; Zinka is a Good Guy In A White Hat regardless, in
>>the book, for all that she's evidently oozing sex-appeal -- and very useful
>>for charming a chap into giving her whole grain from the hotel kitchen
>>stores it is, too.
>that's really not why i was bringing it up. not every aspect of deep secret
>discussion has to be about whether or not it's safe to give to kids. =\

<staunches blood>


True.  Sorry.

I am at a disadvantage in discussing Zinka because like much of British SF
fandom and a fair few of US SF fandom I know her, have done for (counts on
fingers) fifteen years, in fact longer than DWJ has -- hell, I even wrote a
*song* to her once! -- and I get the gigglies about fitting the person I
know and DWJ used in a book to a serious lit'ry discussion.  I keep seeing
how she'd react.

I'll tell you for free, if this lady wanted whole grains in the middle of
the night, the chef would go out and harvest them for her.



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