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On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Anna Clare McDuff wrote:

> 	We can infer that Zinka must be from another world (or the last
> five Earth Magids wouldn't have been Stan, Will, Simon, Rupert & Maree)
> and given the timing of his choosing & his marriage Simon, who is said to
> have decided to work far Ayewards soon after being chosen, must have met &
> married Zinka quite soon after becoming a Magid.  Simon was chosen as a
> Magid because he walked in on an Ayewards police force with Centaur
> members who were investigating a white slavery & marriage trade ring
> taking girls from Naywards through Earth & thence to the Koryfonic Empire.
> Once he, as a possible Magid candidate, had seen evidence of other worlds
> they had to make him a Magid. Could he somehow have met a non-Magid Zinka
> in this connection? It would be about the right time. I'm not saying that
> Zinka was doing anything illegal or really wicked, that would probably
> preclude her eventually being chosen as part of a magical enforcement team
> like the Magids, but there doesn't seem to be any bar on Magids being a
> bit unscrupulous.

	Just to add to this,that she might even have been a victim...


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