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> comfort his little bro). So using this to calibrate our time frame Rupert
> was probably a Magid before Zinka was a Magid. Though they may have
> qualified contemporaneously I suppose if Simon had become established on
> another world while Stan was dithering over Rupert.

	Just in case anyone actually cares about this little pedantry-fest
of mine, I have a bit to add to this! I haven't yet finished re-reading
DS, but reading over the opening scenes these speculations popped into my
head & I was interested to know what people think. I agree with Elise that
Zinka is a complex & interesting character; I am quite prepared to believe
that Zinka is a good Magid, but she does seem on the evidence to be quite
sexually unscrupulous... and that can have ramifications. In my experience
sexually unscrupulous people tend to believe that *everyone* really is
similarly unscrupulous no matter what they say & that somehow sexual
unscrupulousness doesn't count. Even the best of them can cause quite a
lot of pain and upheaval that way... all the while protesting their purity
of motive.

	I think it's really kind of interesting that early in this thread,
when I was just casting my mind back to DS & not checking my sources
(until Hallie reminded me & I went back to look!)  all I recalled about
Zinka were her & her husband's protestations that of course she was
faithful. Just goes to show how effective it can be to talk the talk while
walking however you damn please...

	All times are approximate :-)

	At the end of the kerfuffles at Phantasmacon Simon & Zinka have
been married for three years. Rupert has been a Magid for a bit over two
years (though this statement is made at both the beginning & end of the
main action in the book which goes from before Christmas to the Easter
period, so let's be generous & say two and a half years at the end of
Phantasmacon) & he was chosen by Stan a little under one year (I found the
page!) after Stan chose Simon, so Simon will probably have been chosen a
bit over three years ago.

	We can infer that Zinka must be from another world (or the last
five Earth Magids wouldn't have been Stan, Will, Simon, Rupert & Maree)
and given the timing of his choosing & his marriage Simon, who is said to
have decided to work far Ayewards soon after being chosen, must have met &
married Zinka quite soon after becoming a Magid.  Simon was chosen as a
Magid because he walked in on an Ayewards police force with Centaur
members who were investigating a white slavery & marriage trade ring
taking girls from Naywards through Earth & thence to the Koryfonic Empire.
Once he, as a possible Magid candidate, had seen evidence of other worlds
they had to make him a Magid. Could he somehow have met a non-Magid Zinka
in this connection? It would be about the right time. I'm not saying that
Zinka was doing anything illegal or really wicked, that would probably
preclude her eventually being chosen as part of a magical enforcement team
like the Magids, but there doesn't seem to be any bar on Magids being a
bit unscrupulous.

	Now as far as I recall, there is a bar on people from worlds
Naywards (including Earth) knowing too much about the existence of Magids,
Centaurs, other worlds & other magical things. Nick & Maree travel to
other worlds as non Magids, but this is supposed to be a rare & shocking
thing.  So it is hard to see how Zinka could have slept with Rupert
*before* she was married to Simon. I suppose it is just barely possible
that Zinka had the power & knowledge to travel to Earth as a non Magid,
because she may well come from a world far Ayewards, & somehow met and
slept with Rupert here while she was single, but I doubt it. And as far as
I understand it, even people Ayewards of us who *know* about these things
find it very hard to travel between worlds.


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