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> On Monday 28 April 2003 19:55, Anna Clare McDuff wrote:
> >  What if books were managed the way we manage films
> > and there was an official authority that graded them all by age &
> > made it illegal for a child to read a book with an age grading higher
> > than their chronological age? I, for one, would despair...

The librarian in my mother's home town did this. If you were in the fourth 
grade, you could not check out books from the fifth grade shelf. Torture. I 
don't know what happened if adults wanted to check out children's books, and 
why everyone didn't ask their parents to cheat for them, if so.

Said librarian was immortalized in my mother's book _Who is Victoria?_ (about 
which a great many children's librarians promptly rose up and said, "Who do 
you think buys your books anyway, what do you mean putting such a horrible 
librarian in there!").

Helen Schinske
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