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Minnow said...

> >Oh, sorry, I keep on conflating those two titles!  I meant "The Lost
> >Prince".  In Munich, after the events at the opera, there's this huge
> >bit where Marco burbles on to the Rat about Loristan's experiences in the
> >Mystical East(TM) - that's the major cut in the Puffin edition.  (The
> >complete version is at Project Gutenberg, if anyone wants to check it out
> >for themselves.)
> I don't think I can cope!  Gibble.  The influence of Krishna Murti,

Who knows?  It's fairly standard "wise man up a mountain living in peace
with all living creatures, tiger lying down with deer, we are all one with
the cosmos and it talks to us if we know how to listen" babble.

> Aaaargh!  I have just checked the only one that comes to hand (I think the
> younger brat has the others somewhere secreted in her room, terra
> into which the parent strays at peril of treading on something small but
> very fragile) and *The Secret Garden*  1960 reprint Puffin has "F.
> Hodgson-Burnett" on the cover and "Frances Hodgson Burnett" on the
> title-page!

Huh.  Must be something done in that era, then.  My Puffins are from the
late 70s and early 80s, and all of them refrain from hyphenation either on
the covers or the title pages.
> My brain may explode.... How is a librarian meant to cope with *that*?

Ignore the idiot publisher and file 'em all under B for Burnett, I would.
> Incidentally, the "recommendation" in that reads: "Girls like it most, and
> between the ages of nine and fourteen -- and, be warned, keep your copy
> carefully.  You will want to go back and read it over and over again."
> That's Eleanor Graham editing Puffin at that point, not Kaye Webb, and I
> think I rather like that way of saying who she thinks it is for.

Mm, that is kind of nice.

(When I had my "I'm too old for all these kids' books" phase I got rid of
all my FHBs, among others, and have had to seek them all out again now that
I have grown up and got some sense.)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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