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--- HSchinske at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 4/29/03 5:56:59 AM Central
> Daylight Time, Sally Odgers 
> writes:
> > Picture books are often (usually) shelved by
> illustrator, not author. Some
> > authors find this peculiar, since the text exists
> before the illustrations.
> > 
> NOT according to the Anglo-American Cataloguing
> Rules they aren't! The 
> illustrator is never the "point of entry," even if
> the work is anonymous (if 
> there's no known author, it goes under title).
> Bookstores, of course, may do 
> as they like, and of course there may be a different
> cataloguing code in 
> Australian libraries, I don't know, but in the US
> and UK, it's strictly 
> author/title and text-based. This sometimes results
> in odd things such as a 
> completely wordless version of a traditional story
> being put under the title, 
> despite the fact that almost every detail is the
> illustrator's conception, 
> while a slightly altered *word* version of a
> traditional tale, even if not 
> nearly as original, will often go under the
> alterer's name.

AACR2 is the standard in Australia as well, but I
don't think I have ever come across a library here
that hasn't made mistakes in applying it, including
our major copyright collections. Many years ago when I
was undergoing library training (not "proper" library
training but training to run a school library) we were
taught that books should be catalogued under the
person mostly responsible for the content of the book,
which could be the illustrator. I always shelve
retellings of stories under the original author so all
versions of, say, Frankenstein are together.


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