Altering books (was RE: Silly Censorship)

Margaret Ball margaret at
Tue Apr 29 16:03:22 EDT 2003

It is amazing and depressing to learn that there were so many editors 
with the stupidity, clout, and time to mangle DWJ's work - especially 
when so many books seem to be thrown to the presses essentially 
unedited. A common complaint in America is that editors don't do any 
editing any more, they're too busy doing acquisitions. Maybe we're lucky!

>took the typescript and cut it into bits in an orderly way, and then
>sellotaped it back together in exactly the same order as it had been in the
>first place but so that the pages were all different lengths and it
>*looked* worked-on, with an anxious covering letter saying she hoped she
>had managed to incorporate all the improvements that had been suggested and
>that it was now what was wanted.  It was published exactly as it had been
>and now was, and the editor wrote her a kindly letter saying how sensible
>she had been to take the editor's advice and didn't she now think the book
>was a much better book for that little bit of extra work! 

Oh, brilliant. THAT deserves to go into a book somewhere - ideally one 
of hers!

Margaret Ball

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