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I heard most of it, being another BBC Radio 4 listener. I thought the woman
they had on it- Virginia something? was talking utter rubbish, she seemed
like a typical over-protective neurotic type who does not credit teenagers
with any intelligence. It didn't even look like she'd read the book
properly; she went on about the main character being a bad example because
of all the girls he was sleeping with. Burgess pointed out that the
character in question had only slept with one girl in the book; she then
made some lame comment about how this implied that he would sleep with more
I have not read the book, but from what was being said, it reflects the
realities of the youth of today. Why should the target audience be protected
from their own reality- they are well aware of it already, both boys and
girls (with the possible exception of the very sheltered, who will one day
get a very nasty shock when reality intrudes)


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> I just went to make myself a cup of coffee, and who should be on the radio
> but Melvin Burgess, arguing the case for Doing It? There were also quite a
> few extracts from the novel, and vox pops with teenage readers. If
> interested, you can hear it on the web at:
> As I write it's not up there yet because the programme is still being
> broadcast, but try in a few hours.
> Charlie
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